Through bright, colourful and positive imagery, Hannah began documenting her active living journey on Instagram for her own personal use in 2012. Now with over 1.2 million followers it’s clear that Hannah’s passion, determination and drive in life captured the attention of many along the way. With daily sharing of her life rituals, this social media platform has quickly snowballed and readers are now demanding more secrets, tips, recipes and adventures from Hannah…

Hannah Polites blog is an outlet to share her passions and aspirations- fitness, food, style and travel. A true reflection of her optimistic, vibrant and full of life nature, Hannah says “it’s basically an organic collection of who I am and what I love”

Recognised by Channel 7’s Sunrise as one of Australia’s leading fashion icons, Hannah’s chic style reflects a mixture of the relaxed lifestyle on the beaches of the Gold Coast and her Melbourne City upbringing. Experimenting with different colours, textures and fun silhouettes, Hannah’s wardrobe is heavily influenced by her mood. “I’m a chameleon and change my style with my surroundings. I love wearing a LBD with a nude set of pumps but can be just as comfortable and confident in my tights and free runs at the gym.”

With a style that isn’t necessarily trend based, Hannah’s focus is on selecting pieces that enhance and flatter her curvy, feminine shape. She believes her style selection emphasizes that all women should dress with confidence as their ultimate accessory, embracing and celebrating what makes them unique.

Although Hannah Polites may be internationally renowned for her blonde hair, tanned skin and bikini body, there is so much more to be admired with this Aussie beauty than what meets the eye. Originally born in the city of Melbourne, she moved to the sandy shores of the Gold Coast with her family in hope of a more outdoor/ active lifestyle (and that’s exactly what the family achieved!).

Living and breathing a holistic wholefoods lifestyle, it’s no secret that Hannah is a health food nut and a strong advocate for all things organic. “I don’t count calories or follow fad diets and believe in nourishing my body with foods in their most natural state possible. I love to buy fresh, local produce and shop predominantly from local markets.”

As you will see in the nourish section, Hannah’s health conscious recipes are anything but boring or bland and certainly don’t leave her feeling hungry. As a fulltime midwife, blogger, jetsetter and active living advocate Hannah loves to cook with real foods that not only look and taste amazing, but also give her the energy to get the most out of each day. “ I want readers to see how easy and delicious it can be to nourish your body when your time poor. I prepare meals in advance because I know I rely on fuelling my body with nutrient-rich meals to enhance my productivity, mental health and mood as well as my physical strength”.

With an eclectic mix of Aussie, Greek and English heritage, Hannah self-confesses having the “travel bug” which facilitates her ever-growing desire to continue visiting exotic locations around the globe. From volunteering as midwife in the villages of Laos, to travelling and cruising through luxurious destinations through Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA, no two adventures are ever the same! Hannah has included the travel section of her blog to give readers an insight about her favourite locations, restaurants, accommodation and activities to do abroad!

Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Energy is contagious.


Hannah Polites blog is an outlet to share her passions and aspirations- fitness, food, style and travel. A true reflection of her optimistic, vibrant and full of life nature, Hannah says "it's basically an organic collection of who I am and what I love"

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