Power Pairs

Are you wanting to get more out of your workouts?

Having the “RIGHT” training partner can be the perfect way to assist you in pushing further, achieving your fitness goals and increasing your training satisfaction at the same time.

Having a training partner can be all the difference between meeting or missing your goals and an average or an effective workout.


Power Pairs are associated with:

Increased motivation and support
Much more fun (It is okay to have fun while you sweat)
Regular encouragement and having somebody to keep you accountable
Learning new skills from each other
Healthy competition
The perfect excuse for a healthy breakfast/ smoothie date afterwards
More economical private personal training sessions as the cost is split between you
Increased strength training performance as you’ll be able to spot each other and therefore lift heavier


However…   For this relationship to benefit the both of you, you will want to make sure you find the right partner. I train with my brother, friends, colleagues and other gym members occasionally. I can usually tailor a workout to suit the person I’m training with quite easily, but it definitely helps if you have similar training goals and prefer to train in similar locations. Human nature means that we subconsciously gravitate to the behaviours of others around us. If your partner runs faster, you will run faster too. Attitude and emotion can also rub off, so be careful to choose a partner that is inspiring, positive and reliable. Likewise, don’t let an unreliable buddy become an excuse to cancel a workout.


I want to get up out of bed on a cold winters morning because I love and enjoy training with my friends so much and I never want to let them down. With my training buddies I laugh, sweat, yell, cry and work hard! Working out doesn’t have to be a chore, have fun with it!! Make sure you celebrate your achievements together. Whilst a partner can be great inspiration and healthy competition, stay safe and try not to feel like you need to keep up with your partner.


Here is a workout with one of my greatest training inspirations, my brother and Australian IFBB Champion Aaron Polites @aaronpolites on Muscle TV:

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