Welcoming Evaliah Grace



She’s a little bit of sunshine,
She’s a smile to light your days,
She will steal your heart and
keep it with her warm endearing ways,
She’s your precious little daughter,
With a sweetness from above
Who will fill your years with laughter
and your lives with lots of love



Welcoming Miss “Evaliah Grace” to the world has undoubtedly been the most overwhelming and joyous experience of my life. I was told time and time again of the intensity and raw emotion in the birth room and have witnessed it first hand as a midwife. But nothing could have prepared me for this explosion of love, a wholeheart instant kind of love that is so strong it’s indescribable.

The moment our eyes met for the first time it was as though she’d always been apart of me, yet I knew nothing about her and couldn’t wait to study every tiny feature. I will always remember how soft her skin was, that fresh newborn smell and how she cuddled up like a koala on my chest and held my finger so tight. I completely forgot to ask what gender she was, it just wasn’t important… Our baby was finally here and she was more perfect than we ever could have imagined!

I spent our first moments with tears of happiness streaming down my face. I was proud, so incredibly proud to have created and then nurtured this life for the past 37 weeks and to have done everything in my power to give her the best start to life. Surrounded by my amazing midwife and partner, I felt strong and empowered. I was truly amazed that my body was capable of birthing this perfect soul and blessed that she chose me to be her mother and I would continue to nourish her earthside. With her skin against mine, I couldn’t wait to nurse her and begin what would hopefully be a long and happy breastfeeding relationship.

8 weeks on and these are still my favourite and most magical moments with her… During the 2am feed when it’s just the two of us cuddled together with an unbreakable bond. Mother, daughter, best friends!

I’m still very much caught up in the newborn bliss where the world revolves around our baby and my family. Everything else in life at the moment seems insignificant in comparison to the joy I feel watching Evaliah grow every day and reach every little milestone.

I’m forever thankful to Beccy Rose Newborn Photography for capturing these early moments of my family with our precious baby girl and eternalising these emotions for me in the most beautiful way… I will cherish these images forever.


Evaliah Grace

Born at 37 weeks 5 days

Weighing 2980g, 6lb 9oz

Length 51cm 

Captured 11 days fresh by Beccy Rose Newborn Photography

Assistant: Tracy Trott



Love Hannah and Evie xx

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