Evaliah’s African Safari Nursery

A Perfect Nursery

Creating the perfect nursery for our baby was something I started dreaming about well before I became pregnant. I dreamt of a space that would inspire and delight, it had to be stylish, functional, baby-friendly and somewhere that my partner and I would enjoy as well. Our home is very light and neutral, with timber, alternating textures and greenery accents a common theme. Wanting a nursery that would be cohesive with this style, we carefully chose core elements that could be placed anywhere in the house and still compliment our current pieces. The final product is a magical African safari themed nursery and is much more beautiful and dreamy than I ever could have imagined!!



A well thought out nursery definitely takes time, so I started collecting ideas and making decisions early in my pregnancy. Creating a mood board on Pinterest definitely helped me identify common themes, colours and items that I loved. With a visual summary of the nursery in front of me, this narrowed my focus and made the whole process less confusing. I finalised my colour palette and theme before even stepping foot in a store or purchasing a single item so that I could make sure I wouldn’t have regrets or end up with items that I wouldn’t use.


When choosing colours, I started with a neutral palette of cream and timber with hints of gold and charcoal. I felt it was important to start somewhere that I could easily build upon later, especially as the gender was kept a surprise till birth. Colour establishes the atmosphere of the room, so I avoided harsh or highly saturated splashes of colour that can commonly overstimulate babies. Keeping core elements (cot, drawers, rug, rocking chair and mirror) in timber and cream created harmony and symmetry, whilst allowing the injection of soft colour once the baby arrived and we knew the gender (dusty pink for a girl or mint for a boy). This projected a calm, quiet and nurturing space that flowed with the rest of the house.


Cot: All 4 bubs; Rocking Chair: Hobbe; Chunky Knit: Keeks and Chuck


The African Safari theme was heavily influenced by our travels to Africa last year- the souk markets, camping in tents in the desert and the beautiful animals. Once the theme was decided, I felt it was important not to be too rigid on structure to take the stress out of finding appropriate items to purchase. The first must have pieces that I simply fell in love with are giraffe, zebra and deer prints by The Animal Print Shop. These prints identify as a focal point that helped inspired the entire nursery design and were one of the first pins to my mood board. The Melissa and Doug over-sized stuff giraffe is also a signature piece that ties in the theme, along with the Moroccan souk rug and boutique elephant mobile.


Functional Nursery Furniture

I chose high quality, practical core pieces to ensure longevity and allow use for future siblings. Purchasing the bigger items and setting them up first enabled me to visualise the nursery better, before adding decorative features and finishing touches. I knew from early on that I wanted an oval shaped timber cot that would be adaptable from newborn, to baby and then toddlers. The “Aster Cot” buy All 4 Bubs was met this criteria and was available for a very affordable price, so this was an easy decision.


The next purchase was the stunning “Bordeaux” rocking chair in bone with a natural timber base by Hobbe– an oversized tufted wing-back design that demands your attention in the room! The quality and craftsmanship of this chair is impeccable and it has exceeded my expectations when it comes to comfort for feeding. I placed a cane side table next to the chair for space for a glass of water, books, bibs and a light for night feeds. The “E” light by the Little Letter Lights Co is a soft light that creates a warm glow, without harsh lighting to completely wake the baby up.


Name Blocks: Foxx and Willow

I decided against a stand alone changing table in the room as I knew that the baby would room in with us overnight in the beginning and I preferred to spend the money on furniture that would transcend infancy. As the change mat is portable, we are also able to use it in our room overnight, as well as in the living room during the day. Combining the drawers and change mat also allows more space in the nursery and better value for money. Once Evaliah is out of nappies, I can simply store it for the next baby and her furniture hasn’t become obsolete.

Storage is invaluable in a nursery. You can never have enough storage when it comes to babies and children as their belongings are constantly expanding. Baskets for toys, bins for nappies, shelves for books and drawers for clothes etc., are some of the most used items. After failing to find a drawer set that met my needs of storage, style and affordability, I undertook a DIY project. Combining the IKEA Hemnes chest of 8 drawers and leather pull tab handles by H and G Designs, created a product that was practical and that effortlessly matched the leather shelving. For ease of use, the clothes are organised by size and type using draw inserts from IKEA (eg. 0000 bodysuits, 0000 singlets etc.). This has definitely made life easier when quick clothing changes are required, especially when my mum or partner change the baby and the clothing is categorized and readily available. Once she has outgrown a size, I store them in tubs in the closet to avoid unnecessary changes and cluttering of the drawers.


Letter Light: Little Letter Lights Co; Drawers: Ikea; Leather Pull Tabs: H and G Designs

The H and G Designs two tier leather strap wall shelves enable personal organisation and significant decorative potential. I love that I can really personalise this space with photos of our family, books, family heirlooms, toys and greenery. This is also another item that can be constantly updated to grow with the baby or even used in any other room of the house.

image3-5shelf-smallShelf: H and G Designs, Wooden Swan Tiny Tribe: Rita and Felix; Moon and Pom Pom Garland: Luxe Baby Love

Decorative Touches

After Evaliah was born, I must admit that the thought of adding a feminine touch to the room got me more than a little bit excited. A beautiful bespoke doll, chunky knit throw, canopy, wooden blocks and toys and colourful cushions were just a few handmade items ordered soon after her arrival. These personalised items in shades of dusty pink and purple make the space unique, magical and perfectly fit for a special little girl and are have become my favourite pieces.


Bespoke Doll: Clover and Lola; Playmat: Keeks and Chuck; Star Cushions: Macy Handmade


Knot Cushion: Hang It Designs; Cot Sheets: Wilson and Frenchy; Balloon Cushion: I Said So Kidsimage1-1


Cot: All 4 Bubs; Rug: West Elm; Animal Prints: The Animal Print Shop; Rocking Chair: Hobbe; Wall Decals: Adairs; Elephant Mobile: Bubs Baby Shop; Cot and Bassinet Sheets: Wilson and Frenchy; Plush Giraffe: Melissa & Doug; Ceramic Bunny Money Box: Tiffany and Co; Letter Light: Litte Letter Lights Co; Glitter Stars on Canopy: Numero 74; Canopy: Etsy, Floral Star and Moon Cushions: I Said So Kids; Fairy Lights on Canopy and Shelves: Typo; Purple and Gold Star Cushions: Macy Handmade; Knot Cushion: Hang It Designs; Bespoke Doll: Clover and Lola,Wooden Swan Tribe Set: Rita and Felix; Pom Pom and Moon Garland: Luxe Baby Love; Chunky Knit Throw and Felt Playmat: Keeks and Chuck; Knitted Ottoman: Kmart



Love H & E xx


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