Miss Evaliah Grace- 8 Months

On the 12th of March, 2017,  my mum and I took Evaliah to Winni and Mini Photography for her sitter session with gorgeous photographer, Tanha. I have actually known Tanha for quite a number of years, meeting when I was still in my teens and at school. It wasn’t until we met up again at a mummy market that we reconnected and I found out that Tanha had a new passion and an incredible talent in photography. Winning multiple awards and creatively and flawlessly styling so many babies and families for images to be kept on walls for a lifetime, I am so grateful that we crossed paths again. As expected, Tanha was able to capture Evaliah’s detailed expressions and personality perfectly… View her site here

Evaliah was 7.5 months at the shoot and we decided the time was right as she was sitting unassisted but only on the verge of crawling (whilst still holding most of her signature rolls). This stage often gets overlooked when booking in milestone photoshoots, but I find it’s my favourite age so far with the chubby cheeks, bright eyes and innocent smiles… Infectiously adorable!

Throughout Evaliah’s life I have found myself saying “this is my favourite age” at almost every month… In the beginning and as a mother of a tiny brand new baby, my first thought was that I wanted her to stay tiny forever. I wished I could eternalise the newborn smell, the sweet noises, the miniature clothes and the itsy bitsy hands and feet; I worried it was all going to fast (she was only 11 days old).

Then, she started to develop at a rapid rate and constantly showed off her new skills. She smiled, looked into my eyes, laughed, rolled, played, babbled and showed love… It was at each of these milestones that I realised this journey of parenthood only gets better and better, there was nothing to be sad about and so much to look forward to. I am slowly losing my tiny baby but growing a best friend for life…

“Evaliah you have been such a chatterbox lately, with your favourite word being mam mam maaaaam (it absolutely melts my heart). It also sounds like you are saying bub and nan, although dad is hoping that he is next. Not only is your vocabulary rapidly expanding, you also show us that you are starting to understand what we say.

The bath, breastfeeding, swimming, tickles, pulling hair and singing are a few of your favourite things. If you are ever upset (a rare occurrence and usually food related) we can sing to you and you will always be soothed. If Your Happy and You Know It and Twinkle Twinkle, always does the trick. Hide and seek is also always guaranteed to get a giggle out of you, or acting like an animal making noises. Your nanna also always knows how to make you shine.

You hate getting dressed and would be naked all day if you could be. You also hate waiting for your food to be cooked or when the bowl is empty (you sit at my feet whilst I prepare it every time). Nobody can eat around you unless you have food too. Your favourite foods are watermelon and pawpaw or a sip of mamas banana smoothie. However, you will try any food we offer you and even ones we don’t, eating more than most 10 year olds. We actually haven’t found a food you won’t indulge yet.

My favourite time of the day is cuddling you whilst you feed, except when you bite me. You’ve got 4 teeth with the 4th erupting the day of this shoot. You’re standing assisted and are body sliding everywhere. You are so inquisitive, with everything going straight in your mouth and don’t fancy staying still. You have mastered waving, pulling yourself up to stand and sitting unassisted and are still working on clapping and blowing kisses. You are an absolute dream to take travelling and have proven to be a little jet setter already.

We have only ever been separated for a couple of hours, we have no routine, you always end up in our bed overnight and I couldn’t imagine life any other way. You give the best cuddles and really hold on to me, starring lovingly into my eyes. When you put your arms out to be picked up or stroke my arm and hum whilst you feed, you make me want to have 5 more children… (then I remember the lack of sleep).

You have the most enchanting nature and the most captivating eyes, I literally cannot leave the house without being stopped by a stranger. You attract people with your beauty but really win everyone’s hearts with your infectious smile and laughter.


Evaliah you have absolutely surpassed my expectations of what it would be like to have a little girl. Being your mother is the most rewarding role that I have ever played and I couldn’t be more grateful that we have you to enchant our lives. I am filled with so much happiness, love and joy every time I look at you and as your first birthday is just around the corner I just can’t wait to see where this incredible journey take us as a family…



Thank you so much Tanha, I will cherish these priceless images forever xxx


Tahna Basile- Winni and Mini Photography


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